LOCALEDUE 2015-16. The Book

This catalogue is a limited edition of 300 copies and it has been published by LOCALEDUE in collaboration with Heretique Design and NYR magazine. It collects all the projects I made as artistic director of LOCALEDUE between March 2015 and March 2016.
LOCALEDUE 2015-16 The Book

Colophon of LOCALEDUE 2015-6


(founder) Fabio Farnè

(artistic director) Gabriele Tosi

(assistant) Eugenio Luciano

(artists and authors) Angelo Bellobono, Alessandra Franetovich, Andrea Renzini, Anna Dissabo, Antonio Barletta, Antonio Grulli, Barbara Baroncini, Bartolomeo Migliore, Bianco-Valente, Blauer-Hase, Bruno Barsanti, Carolina Gestri, Caroline Delieutraz,  Casa a Mare, Cleo Fariselli, Collegium Musicum Almae Matris,Colora (Rachele Burgato e Lorenzo Commisso), Costanza Candeloro, Cuoghi Corsello, Daniele Pulze, Dario Bellini, Dario Giovanni Alì, Davide Trabucco, Diego Tonus, Diego Zuelli, Elisa Del Prete, Fabrizio Basso, Fabrizio Perghem, Filippo Marzocchi, Filippo Pagotto, Fonte&Poe, Gianfranco Mazza, Gianluca Codeghini, Giulia Bonora, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Giuseppe De Mattia, Guido Molinari, Indra Kumar Jha,
Irene Fenara, Isamit Morales, Jacopo Casadei, Lia Cecchin, Luca Coclite, Lucia Lamberti, Marcello Tedesco, Marco Casella, Marta Dell’Angelo, Marta Pierobon, Massimiliano Melis, Massimo Marchetti, Matteo Nobile, Mattia Pajè, Maurizio Mercuri, Moe Yoshida, Muna Mussie, Mussel | Muscle, Natalia Trejbalova, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Nicola Giunta, Nicola Melinelli, Patrizia Giambi, Paul Branca, Robert Pettena, Romeo Rameo, Sabine Delafon, Silvia Cini, Silvia Hell, Simona Paladino, Stefano W. Pasquini, T-yong Chung, Ugo La Pietra, Vadim Zakharov

(thanks to) Davide Rosi Degli Esposti, Francesca Rosini, Giulia Gonfiantini, Luca Ghedini, Rosario Caltabiano, Veronica Veronesi

(editor) Gabriele Tosi

(texts) Fabio Farnè, Gabriele Tosi, Carolina Gestri, Lia Cecchin, Isamit Morales, Bruno Barsanti

(translator) Pamela Breda

(graphic project) Francesco Ozzola | heretique.it
in collaboration with NYR Magazine




Index of LOCALEDUE 2015-6

06 / intro
12 / intro (eng)
16 / images
33 / Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Folding Studio
41 / Fabrizio Perghem, Jenga
49 / Massimiliano Melis, Marcello Tedesco, Pocket Pass #1
55 / Duetti 2015
61 / Romeo Rameo, #tofollowthesunset
65 / Cuoghi Corsello, Quadrupedi al pascolo
71 / Le liane sono cadute nel giardino di mia madre
81 / Lia Cecchin, Isamit Morales, The Real Job
87 / Diego Zuelli, non essere sicuri non è vero
93 / Caroline Delieutraz, Visione Doppia
99 / Minipimer


My introduction to the book 

To create and re-create constantly, since every act has the ability to change everything that precedes it. History and memory are over as concepts because they measure distance. Lines and constellations, although able to tell events, are mere illusions of a partial point of view. Everything that matters for us, everything we value, must keep on existing. We must take care of it.

I believe a young indipendent curator, must give voice to his work, risking sacrifice and money. Until 2015 the outcome of my works were temporary projects. I wanted a more stable and continuous experience. I am glad Fabio Farnè gave me the opportunity to take on his role. I thank him for the elegance, the faith, the support and his friendship.

LOCALEDUE is 18 square meters. When I took over, the space had already hosted 14 projects in two years, creating an affectionate public. The aim of my artistic direction was to increase the public presence in the space, to stress its importance, preserving its features of freedom and anarchy. The goal of the proposed exhibition program was to stress the importance of the spaces, to create circumstances that would bring an active and challenging future with individual interpreters through a continuous changing scenario. Nowadays LOCALEDUE is constantly growing as a meeting space, hosting a creative and varied art world difficult to find elsewhere.

I presented myself to the public with the event Refresh. It was an evening presentation focused on the strange relationship between the value of an empty space, the authors’human relationships and the connections between time and content. The event hosted three exhibitions clusters. On the ground - on an ideal straight line - were placed the press releases of all the events hosted in LOCALEDUE up until that moment. On a table, some contract documents written by myself stressed the features and the possible criticalities between the space and the professional figures occuping it. On the wall, a screen with three videos focused on the theme of the artist, his practice and art spaces.

The videos were realized by three italian authors of different generations. They stressed how contextual subject must be always considered in the reading of aesthetic phenomena. La grande occasione (the great chance), film made by artist, architect and theoretician Ugo La Pietra (Bussi sul Tirino, 1938) in 1973, shows the author entering in the spaces of La Triennale di Milano. As in trance La Pietra, armed with imagination, pencil, paper and a meter, sets up an ideal exhibition suggesting its structure and thus desecralizing such an important exhibition. The film is a critique of cultural structures often unable to help its actors to realize research, design and production. In Bag Pipe (2003), Robert Pettena (Pembury, 1970) follows with the camera a bagpipe player running inside a building, former factory Meccanotessile in Florence, a space perceived at that time as a new center for contemporary art. The melody played by the bagpipe is a war tune. The Hour of the Wolf by Diego Tonus (Pordenone, 1984) shows the dismantelling of the Denmark and Nordik pavilions at the 53° Venice Biennale. At the end of the exhibition holding the sense of such a scenographic pavillion, the house of a collector, the objects are invested by a different light and what was an exhibition stage becomes a scenario for dismantling and destruction.

From March 2015 to March 2016, LOCALEDUE has realized 16 exhibitions and events - collected into 10 projects - with over a hundred artists and curators, with no budget and thanks to the voluntary job of many people, first of all the artists. The book is divided into sections according to the different projects.
A selection of images is dedicated to this dense year of activity, the other to MINIPIMER, the final event of my curatorial role. MINIPIMER was a 72 hours event that took place during Artefiera 2016. The exhibition space hosted 72 authors in a sequence of performances, screenings and temporary exhibitions. Two projects promoted by LOCALEDUE are still to be published: a call for the artistic direction of the space and the creation of a cultural association.
I always thought other people deserved to get the chanche I had, to create always new energies in the space. Along with Fabio Farnè and thanks to the help of Claudio Musso and Simona Brighetti, we selected the new directors through an open call. My best wishes to the artists Preliminary Group, Filippo Marzocchi and Mattia Pajè who will direct LOCALEDUE from May to October 2016 and to curators Giulia Morucchio and Irene Rossini who will run the space from November 2016 to March 2017.

Some of the books with interventions by Jacopo Casadei, Cuoghi Corsello, Andrea Renzini and Marcello Tedesco.
Some of the books with interventions by Jacopo Casadei, Cuoghi Corsello, Andrea Renzini and Marcello Tedesco.