Gabriele Tosi is an independent curator based in Italy. He runs the project space Localedue in Bologna for which he curated various exhibitions and developed experimental formats and projects. In the past he studied medieval art more than contemporary art. His curatorial research focuses on the performative aspects of all art forms. As a curator he really appreciates all the physical work required to set-up an exhibition and prefer to avoid any "alone in front of a computer" jobs. When the context is pratical enough he likes to experiment strange exhibition formats, like a show to be visited only with a motorcycle, or a stage when 30 performances happen all together. Right now his favourite artist is "Pope Silvestro" fresco by Maso di Banco, his favourite movie is "Mountains May Depart" by Jia Zhangke, his favourite book is "Aztec" by Gary Jennings and his favourite song is "Data de Groove" by Falco. When he is not involving in art stuff he likes to share stupid jokes with his friends, to spend time in the woods on mushroom hunting, to have dinner and cocktails with his amazing girlfriend. You can reach him at info@gabrieletosi.com or on Instagram at @gabri3l3tosi.

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